Recent Commercial Videos

Commercial Video – Splendid Structures Perth

Product video for Splendid Structures Perth, Australia. The setup and installation of the stage shell cover with transient membrane. The performance was by Perth Symphony Orchestra at the venue of City of Rockingham. The video was made over 2 days during the setup of the shell and the performance in the night when the stage had full lighting and sound setup.

Speno Train Track Maintenance Timelapse

We provide Heavy Industry video production. This is the Timelapse of Speno US7 Rail Maintenance Machine’s lift and being loaded onto a heavy haulage tractor trailer. US7 Track maintenance machine was manufactured in Perth, Australia in 2018 and was road transported (Doolan’s Heavy Haulage) to Sydney.

The project also involved the Photography of the process. Check them out here.

Industrial Video - Kwinana Industry Tour

A massive project for the Kwinana Industries Council that represents the industrial significance of the buffer zones, industrial symbiosis and growth of Western Australia in detail.

Production-wise, this was a massive undertaking in which I used DSLR footage, VFX for creating 3d maps, and 360 camera footage to create the real-time impact. One of my favorite projects so far.

15 Seconds Ad - The Kings College

The King's College commissioned me to shoot a cinema Ad for the school. In other words, you can call it an advertising commercial. The ad was to run in our local theaters of Perth, WA. There was a time restriction of 15 seconds for the ad and we had to tell the story in those 15 seconds.

After much deliberation and planning, the storyboard was created and the shoot took half a day. There were 4 different variations created. 4 cuts with 4 different teachers and 2 children. The ad is now running in our local theaters.

Chalk Hill 2020 Charity Run

Transition PT for Compassion Australia - I’ve known Luke of Transition PT for 3 years and every year he does a charity event to raise money for various charities. In 2020 he organised the Chalk Hill run where he urges the members of the community to come together and do 1000 laps of the Chalk Hill. Chalk Hill run is a 2 kilometers run up and down with an elevation of 70 meters.

So to increase the interest of the community in this event I came on board to make a video regarding the same. This here is the result of that. As a rule of thumb, I do one charity project every month. It can be photography or video production.

Benz Chiropractic Kwinana Social Media Video

Benz Chiropractic clinic is in Kwinana, Perth and Dr. Gordon Benz occasionally given training to other businesses making them aware of the chiropractic care. We were asked to do a short shoot for them when Dr. Gordon Benz went to provide training at the Transition Personal training Kwinana. The video was to be shared on social media and also used on their website.

The session was about how to provide exercises for the recent mothers who come to the gym. Photography at the gym was quite something. The shoot served dual purpose of being useful to both Benz chiropractic and Transition PT.

Proudly Serving WA Brands & Organisations

LensNation - Commercial Video Production

Hello! I’m Bobby. We meet again on this page and on this page I will like to tell you that I provide Commercial Video Production services for businesses.

The services are catered to individual business needs. You might need an introduction video for your business or you might need a video done for a certain product that you have. It can also be a walkthrough the facilities or team introductions.

As for which businesses I cover, think trades, schools, small, medium and large businesses and industries that can make use of the videos on their websites, social media and client newsletters.