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10 years of video production, photography and graphic design.


When people think of industry, they think rusty, decadent, or dirty. In my photography, you will see the symbiosis of industry and organic growth in a beautiful juxtaposition. My aim is always to bring a human face to the industrial structures.

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Where words fail, photographs take over and where photography can't reach, videos reign supreme. To represent industry, video production in the hands of a skilled craftsman is the most powerful asset. I believe my projects reflect that quality.

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Services I provide for industries extend to product photoshoots, corporate headshots, drone photography, virtual tours, events coverage, and even documentaries. I'm well versed in VFX, animation, and infographic effects to create the most targeted videos.

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Selective Industrial Photography

Recent Industrial Projects

Commercial Photography Perth Doolan Heavy Haulage Lensnation

Commercial Photography – Doolan’s Heavy Haulage

Commercial Photography Lensnation Coral Coast Helicopters

Commercial Photography – Coral Coast Helicopter Services

Commercial Photography Lensnation Henderson Hose Fittings Perth

Business Photography – Henderson Hose Fittings Perth

Commercial Product Photography able Sales WA

Commercial Product Photography – Able Sales WA

Commercial Photography Lensnation Perth Crommelin Agricoatings-lensnation

Commercial Photography – Crommelin Agricoatings

Kwinana Industry Tour with Chris Oughton

Industrial Video – Kwinana Industry Tour with Chris Oughton

Commercial Photography Concert Set client Lensnation

Commercial Photography – Splendid Structures Stage Shell Hire

Lensnation Perth Photography Speno Rail Machine

Industrial Photography – Speno Perth Rail Machine

Industrial Photography Perth Lensnation

Industrial Photography – JCB Dinosaur Hi Plant Services Perth

Commercial Shoot Hi Plant Sservices

Shooting a Dinosaur Commercially

Product Shoot Alphaweld Welding Wire Industrial

Product Photography – Alphaweld Welding Wire

Speno Train Track machine Timelapse Video Heavy Industry

Speno Train Track Maintenance Machine Delivery Timelapse

Commercial Video Lensnation Splendid Structures

Commercial Video – Splendid Structures Perth