IT Company Photoshoot

Photography shoot done by Lensnation Perth for an IT Company in Mandurah. Impact ICT are our regular clients and we revisited them again this year to take photographs of the team around Mandurah, where they are based. We also did 4 videos for them.

Our goal was to encapsulate Impact ICT’s spirit within Mandurah’s scenic landscapes. We photographed the team in various work environments, blending their expertise with Mandurah’s beauty. Additionally, we produced four dynamic videos, each narrating a facet of Impact ICT’s journey and expertise.

Beyond visuals, our focus was on revealing the unseen—showcasing the team’s camaraderie and dedication. Every frame aimed to mirror Impact ICT’s identity, not just visually, but in essence.

This collaboration celebrates more than a company; it’s a visual testament to Impact ICT’s journey, values, and commitment to excellence. Through our lenses, Impact ICT’s story in Mandurah became an immersive narrative, showcasing their prowess against Mandurah’s breathtaking backdrop.

IT company Mandurah Photographs

IT company Mandurah Photographs

Company car IT company Mandurah

Photography for IT business mandurah

IT team photography done for client

Team profile photographs

Team profile photographs

Lensnation team photography

IT Company mandurah photos for website

Office photography done for client by lensnation

Office Staff photography done for client by lensnation

IT photography done for client by lensnation