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Utemaster Load Lid Product Video 2022 Toyota Hilux

First video Lensnation perth did for Utemaster Australia. The load lid accesory tray was fitted on a 2022 Toyota Hilux and was taken to Tim's Thicket beach for an all day shoot. The shoot was done using DSLR, 360 and drone cameras to create an all encompassing video production. Also part of the shoot were still photographs during the sunset.

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Utemaster Load Lid Product Video for 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

Second product video Lensnation Perth did for Utemaster Australia. This time we shot a 2022 Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor with Utemaster Load-Lid and Destroyer Side Rails. The shoot was done over two days. First day at the Lance Mechanics' shop in Rockingham to feature the practicality of the product and on second day at Kwinana off Road to showcase the rugged and useful side of the product.

Also part of the shoot were still photographs which are now being used by Utemaster Australia across all their social media platforms.

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Hema Maps HX2 Product Videos

Hema Maps have just launched their new product HX-2 GPS Navigator and I had the contract to produce “How to” videos for the product. I shot 12 videos in total on various aspects of the device related to App Settings, various navigation modes etc. The talent on camera was Ian Glyde, state manager of Hema for WA and NT.

The resulting videos have been uploaded on Hema’s YouTube channel. The project included creating 3D rendered intro and creating a studio look for the videos.

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Hema Maps + Aerpro AMHXD3

Partnering with Aerpro, the professionals behind all the gear you need to upgrade your head unit, Hema Maps have released the AMHXD3 a USB-powered module that talks to a range of new head unit upgrades from Aerpro and other aftermarket units. Lensnation Perth was hired to shoot and produce the video for this project.

The shoot was done in Midland 4WD Center's warehouse in Canningvale. Ian from Hema joined Matt from Midland 4WD Centre WA to install the device to their 2019 Toyota Hilux. Watch and learn how you can install the AMHXD3 module in your vehicle as well.

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Machette Wallets Perth Product Video

Machette Wallets are Perth based business which sells carbon fiber cut wallets. They required a stylish, techy and slick product video. Being carbon cut wallets the theme was meant to be black and dark, so the video is almost devoid of any colors. The editing was tricky in the project as the animations and movements were to match the music cues. Fantastic results.

We also did Product Photography for the same client. Check the Machette Product Photographs here.

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Splendid Structures Perth Product Video

Product video for Splendid Structures Perth, Australia. The setup and installation of the stage shell cover with transient membrane. The performance was by Perth Symphony Orchestra at the venue of City of Rockingham. The video was made over 2 days during the setup of the shell and the performance in the night when the stage had full lighting and sound setup.

This is a longer version which is meant to be sent to the potential clients. We also created at 45 seconds version for social media.

Contact LensNation Studio for product videos, concert photography/videos, music videos.

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VFX Video for Opposite Lock

I have done a number of shoots for Opposite Lock and for Black Friday Sale they asked me to create a VFX video showcasing the deals they had going on. This video was the result using audio voice-over.

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Whatever the case, I always try to understand the product myself first so that as a potential buyer I can shoot it in the best way possible for the client. But don’t think that the product videos cant be stylish, because they are.



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