Homeless of Perth – A Charity Walk Documentry Video

Homeless of Perth – A Charity Walk Documentary Video

Whilst others may feel inconvenienced by the sometimes cold and damp Perth evenings, by needing to get off the couch and turn the AC up a touch, It’s people like photographer, Zeljka Vladic who truly help us to appreciate how fortunate most of us are.

Zelkia asked for help in making a video on Perth Videographers Group for a charitable initiative that she has been organizing. I was compelled to put together this short video highlighting their cause and the work they do helping to improve the lives of those in need of assistance. They perform a genuinely heroic, yet thankless task.

The perspective and experience of assisting those less fortunate has caused me to ask what I can do to help my community. Well, whilst I’m I probably shouldn’t be let alone in the kitchen, I can at least put my talents towards cooking up some powerful imagery to help tell the story and assist non-profit and community organizations in the exceptional work that they perform.

Lensnation Studios will be taking on a personal project, to film, produce and publish a video each month, at no cost, to one of these groups (Charities, NGOs or Not-For-Profit organisations) every month, to help highlight their cause and to assist these groups in getting additional help from the community, which is sorely needed.

Do get in touch with us if you feel that Lensnation can be of benefit to your cause or your group