A Visit to York Motorcycle Festival 2019

Went to York Motorcycle festival this weekend with John Nye of #jcridesagain. Saw motorcycles of all kinds, shot some, did a casual walkabout video with Jon (which will publish later today).

The highlight of the day was seeing couple of Royal Enfield motorcycles at the road sides and people taking their photographs. There was a RE CafeRacer and a 500 Bullet Classic (which was owned by a Chinese guy). This is probably the time to confess that I miss my Bullet 350 in Australia… don’t even have a Motorcycle license here yet… sigh.

Saw an interesting plate “GHANDI” on a Kawasaki and started making videos. The owner walks over with his lovely wife and introduces himself and we all kid around with his Plate number.

Just when we were to wrap up, we bump into Billy Ward of The Longway Around fame. Billy is Charlie Boorman’s left hand man and was happy to shoot a little chat with us at the venue.

Lovely day spent amidst loud gurgling sounds of the Motorcycles.