TedXMandurah Videos are Up!!

Last year LensNation shot and produced for the TedXMandurah event. The videos are finally up on TedX. The event was shot on 4 cameras (Sony A7III) in 4K and then produced in 1080p quality to match the consistency. There were 12 speakers and the event was a major success.

The videos are doing great on TedX’s YouTube channel and are gathering great responses.

Being creative makes you happy. | Dr. Claire Pannell

Change the Story, Change the World. | Ron Barton

Autism is Not a Crime | Tom Oliver

Being Human. | Nerida Mills

Biotechnology as a solution. | Ella Stephenson

What living in the dark taught me about light. | Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Science of sleep. | Dr. Michelle Olaithe

The Impact of Consumption. | Candice Myers

What we can learn from disruption and burpees. | Michelle Wong

Stories from a Bobble Head Nanna- Learning to live with Parkinsons Disease | Sue Edge

Choose Your Own Adventure. | Lilijana Nicholls