We’re the official video producers for Gas Dash 2021!!

LensNation is again stepping into the role of Video Producer for Gascoyne Dash this year. Gas Dash is run by GORRC who manages the 250 kilometers of track for cars, bikes, and quads. This year the race will be taking place on 1-4th April. Gas Dash is the real desert race across some of the toughest terrain Western Australia has to offer.

he Dash is a motorsport event that pits car against car and bike against bike and then the quickest of each against each other to determine who will be crowned the “King of the River”.

LensNation covered Gas Dash back in 2019 and we all missed the race in 2020 due to Covid. But this year, the call of the desert is strong. Time to get dusty.

Update (16th Mar 2020) : The car teaser for GasDash went live.

As part of the deal, we roll out 3 teasers before the race to create some anticipation. Here is the bike teaser: